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Skywise Core for Airlines

Skywise Core for Airlines

Improve reliability. Support safety. Decrease costs.

Skywise Digital Services

Skywise Digital Services

Airbus expertise combined with the Skywise powerhouse.

Skywise for Suppliers

Skywise for Suppliers

Take your industrial and product performance to the next level.

The leading data platform for the aviation industry

Skywise Figures +9000

The Skywise Ecosystem


Success Stories

Travis Yost, Director, MX Ops Planning & Analytics, Allegiant Air, speaking on stage during the Skywise EMEA Summit in Dubai in March 2019.
Allegiant Air: One fewer AOG per day

"Skywise has been very accurate in terms of alerting strategies for Allegiant Air, consequently helping us reduce delays, cancellations and AOG scenarios.  We believe that Skywise has the capabilities to envelop everything that an operator needs in order to be successful. We are saving no less than one aircraft out of service per day, largely based on predictive alerting, but also in relation to expediency and heightened accuracy during the troubleshooting process in reactive AOG scenarios".

Travis Yost, Director, MX Ops Planning & Analytics 

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Ignacio Pardo Holtheuer, Manager, Digital Transformation Team, LATAM
LATAM: 10% reduction in delays

"The main value that we have seen is Skywise is in automating and standardizing how we calculate our KPIs, and getting a single source of truth through the platform. We’re seeing value in the preventive app that we have developed with Skywise, with 10% improvement in the delays that we used to handle.
90% of the use cases that we have are solved by basic users. With Skywise, it’s very easy to get connected to different data sources and to our different data platforms, and it’s very flexible".

Ignacio Pardo Holtheuer, Manager, Digital Transformation Team, LATAM

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Liebherr: Insights on in-service behavior

“By bringing together a wide range of data and conducting holistic analyses, we obtain a much deeper and better understanding of the in-service behavior of on-board systems and components that Liebherr develops, manufactures, certifies and services.”

Nicolas Bonleux, Managing Director and Chief Sales Officer 

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AirAsia: Reduced fuel penalties

AirAsia leveraged Skywise to create dynamic CG targets that consider all fuel-impacting parameters (QAR, Airfase, load parameters and flight path data), leading to reduced fuel penalties and significant financial savings.

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Easyjet Smith
easyJet: Reducing disruption and making aircraft more reliable

"The journey to Skywise started with leadership, imagination and vision. The Skywise work that we’ve done with predictive maintenance is a very visible and tangible sign to the rest of the business that we’re using data to reduce disruption and to make our aircraft more reliable. 
As we expand our capabilities around data, we know that we’re going to use the data in Skywise more and more to help improve our business". 

Gary Smith, Director of Operations Transformation, easyJet 

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Cebu Pacific Torres
Cebu Pacific: Better insights for higher productivity

“From paper and Excel files, now our engineers use Skywise to get a better insight on maintenance and operations, which means we get higher productivity.  Skywise is one of the core parts of our digital transformation" .

Francesc Torres, Director Operations Support, Cebu Pacific

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Latest News

Airbus and Delta form digital alliance to develop new predictive maintenance cross-fleet solutions

Airbus and Alibaba Cloud to develop a Skywise Data Centre in China

Airbus opens Skywise to global IT services leaders

Airbus partners with United Airlines to manage aircraft data and enhance predictive maintenance capabilities


Skywise Partners

Skywise Partners

Skywise Partners

Unleashing the potential of data. Together.

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Skywise Community

Skywise Community

Connect with your peers and be inspired throughout your Skywise journey.

Data & Technology

Data & Technology

Airbus has partnered with Palantir to build Skywise with best-in-class security.

About Skywise

About Skywise

Discover our Airbus heritage and see which airlines have chosen to work with us.

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