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About Skywise

We are the leading open data platform for the aviation industry.

Who We Are, What We Do

We are Skywise, the leading open data platform for the aviation industry. 

Created by Airbus and powered by Palantir Technologies, we provide a combination of unrivaled OEM expertise and the most advanced data integration technology to meet the industry's most pressing challenges.

About Skywise

Where We're From

Skywise was born from an Airbus and Palantir experiment to accelerate A350 production. By deploying Skywise, Airbus ramped up A350 production by 33%, revealing a compelling opportunity for this technology to transform the industry. Today, Skywise is driving step-change improvement industry-wide.

A350 Rampup

A350 Rampup

33% improvement in production thanks to Skywise

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Our community includes 140+ airlines of every size and geography, from national fleets to low-cost carriers, Scandinavia to South America.

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What is Skywise


Skywise Technology Partner

Palantir Technologies designs, develops, and deploys software products that transform how the world’s most critical government, commercial, and non-profit institutions use their data. Palantir’s data integration and analysis platforms have revolutionized work in an incredibly diverse set of problem spaces, from counter-terrorism and human trafficking to public health and supply chain optimization.

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