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Industry-leading data security

Airbus has partnered with Palantir, a technological leader, to build Skywise.

Skywise is powered by Palantir Foundry, the platform trusted by organizations with the most complex and sensitive operational environments. Data security was an engineering priority at every stage of Palantir Foundry's design. All data and every action are governed by the platform's industry-leading security tooling.

The software comes with a set of built-in data protection functionalities that allow users to collaborate securely. These have been integral to its adoption and continued use in the most complex and sensitive operational environments, from defense and law enforcement agencies to automobile manufacturers to Fortune 100 banks - and now, aviation.

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Building software with your data in mind

Silos that trap high-scale and complex data create internal inefficiency and impede collaboration for every player in the aviation value chain. Because of these silos, many airlines cannot answer ostensibly simple questions like: What are my most recurring defects by ATA chapter across the fleet? Am I planning fuel optimally based on load parameters and weather patterns? Skywise adheres to the following technical concepts to address these challenges:

  • Integrate data from across the organization into a single, flexible data ontology: data is mapped to a model that reflects how aviation thinks about the world. Skywise receives, extracts, transforms data to and from any source in a modern aviation data ecosystem regardless of size or format.
  • Scale both infrastructure and capabilities. Skywise is built on leading commercial cloud services that can handle long term increases in data size and user count.
  • Build a growing and open suite of applications that create operational and business value. Plug-and-play workflows deliver value immediately across operational, sector-wide challenges. In parallel, the platform offers open interface capabilities that allow airlines to interoperate with existing technologies and develop new applications that answer their toughest unique business questions.
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Who owns data in Skywise?

With Skywise, you always own your identifiable data, and it’s only visible to you and Airbus. Your identifiable airline data is never shared outside of Airbus.
In order to create powerful benchmarking applications that benefit the entire Skywise community, we will use an anonymized version of your data.

You control what datasets you share.

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Skywise Security and Data Protection

Aviation is a complex sector with stringent data security requirements. Skywise provides the flexibility organizations need to protect their data while driving unprecedented collaboration.

Skywise lets organizations define granular access control policies at the integration stage, then propagates those policies intelligently across the system. Organizations can promote data access confidently with granular data security and transparent data governance.

Skywise undergoes continuous internal penetration testing and code audits, and external testing in partnership with industry-leading, independent third parties. The result is best-in-class security at every level of the platform.

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About Skywise

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