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Skywise Developer Experience

Skywise Developer Experience

An open data platform for the digital aviation marketplace.

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At Skywise we aim at digitalizing the aviation industry and putting data at the core of decision-making processes throughout engineering, maintenance and operational activities. Over 100 airlines and dozens of suppliers and industry actors from around the world already trust Skywise to be the single point of truth for aircraft operations data.

Our vision is to empower any company to build better human-driven analysis, solve industry pain-points and improve daily operations across all aviation sectors. Software development is pivotal for the digital future of aviation. For that, we remain committed to enabling programmatic access to Skywise through RESTful APIs, state-of-the-art development tools and a dedicated support line.

About Skywise

Developer Tools

Standard APIs

A catalog of RESTful APIs built to enable easy access to the most important datasets in Skywise. Scalable, secured and with a dedicated support line, they augment the mobility of aviation data. Applications built on top of them are scalable and distributable to platform customers. 

Custom APIs (Coming Soon)

A game-changer tool allowing developers to build their custom RESTful APIs, directly on top of the Skywise infrastructure. The internal API business logic supports embedding custom Python libraries for advanced data processing and for developers to “glue-in” their custom solutions.

Work order Writeback

An API-based solution allowing developers to feed data insights back into the operational Maintenance Information Systems (MIS) of Airlines. The tool makes business insights actionable and, brings custom developed solutions closer to decision making processes of Airlines.

SDK (Coming Soon)

A Software Development Kit allowing developers to quickly integrate Skywise APIs into various mobile and web applications, as well as back-ends. It accelerates the development process by making possible features such as offline data caching and easy authentication.

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Skywise Ontology

The Skywise Ontology is defined by a set of standardised terms, common to all Skywise customers, used to model and describe tangible and conceptual objects that are core to the aviation industry (e.g. parts, aircraft, flight, part removals, scheduled tasks, concessions, etc.), in a way that is understandable both to humans and machines.

This ontology encompasses a representation of each object, its properties, and the relations between them. The Skywise Ontology is a standardized language for the aviation industry and for all Skywise customers, allowing them to model their data identically, thus enabling the highest level of collaboration between all platform participants.

Skywise Developer Portal Ontology

Developer Advantages

Simplified access aviation data.

Simplified access aviation data.

The Skywise Ontology liberates siloed data from across all industry sectors, brings a standard structured to it and enables applications to be scalable and distributable.

Unique APIs, powerful developer tools.

Unique APIs, powerful developer tools.

A one-stop-shop RESTful API catalog to access all the aviation data and powerful developer tools to create any tailored application or even custom APIs.

BYOM - Bring Your Own Model.

BYOM - Bring Your Own Model.

Build your infrastructure. Or deploy your model on ours. Skywise can host your entire full-stack on a scalable infrastructure with access to dozens of powerful tools.

State-of-the-art technology.

State-of-the-art technology.

Skywise is built from the ground up on modern, proven technologies like Kubernetes, Elastic Search, Spark, Python, Parquet, React to name just a few.

Exclusive exposure to industry actors.

Exclusive exposure to industry actors.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and brought on the platform the biggest and most influential actors in aviation. And we will continue to do so for the remaining ones.

Aviation’s largest digital marketplace.

Aviation’s largest digital marketplace.

The Skywise Store provides the ideal place for digital services and applications to be exchanged between all platform actors and foster serendipity.

Get Started

Start developing your ideas with Skywise. Get in touch with us to take advantage of the world’s most powerful aviation data platform.

Whether it’s a mobile application, a desktop tool helping customers to take better informed decisions or an ML model that improves resiliency in complex supply chain systems, Skywise is the ideal platform to get your ideas off the ground. 

By joining Skywise you will have get access to the world’s largest and most varied datasets that underpin the aviation industry, as well as an unprecedented exposure to a marketplace of worldwide aviation actors to take you from early adopter stages and all the way to production-grade deployments at scale.

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