Build safer and more efficient flight operations

Fully optimize flight operations with apps developed by Airbus subsidiary NAVBLUE.

Benefit from decades of Airbus expertise coupled with the power of Skywise. Automate and correlate data to maximize fuel efficiency and optimize aircraft performance.

Skywise  Digital Services Illustration

Skywise Digital Services Benefits

Skywise Lightning
Improve Fuel Efficiency
  • Improve the performance of each and every aircraft on your fleet.
  • Reduce your fuel consumption by 1% compared to your standard aircraft performance.

Skywise Digital Services Features

Optimize App Suite

Reduce uncertainties linked to aircraft performance degradation with a tail-centric suite of apps: get the full picture on the performance level of your aircraft to onboard the exact amount of fuel you need.
Optimize computes a recommended IDLE factor and an automatic PERF factor to be set in the Flight Management System, based on the real individual performance of each aircraft.

Optimize Digital Services

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