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Powered by Palantir Technologies, the leader in data integration software, Skywise Core is the preeminent enterprise data platform for the aviation industry. Airlines around the world are using Skywise Core to integrate the massive amount of data siloed across departments and service providers.

With Skywise you can interact with your data intuitively using pre-built workflows designed to quickly improve your operational efficiency, preventing delays, and reducing AOGs.

Then, benchmark your fleet against the rest of the Skywise ecosystem with reliability dashboards so you're always informed about your performance.

Finally, learn from Airbus post-flight reports and decoded sensor data. Conduct routine safety checks faster and more thoroughly.

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Skywise Core Benefits

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Empower your teams.

Promote collaboration across your business with a powerful, user-friendly platform. Automate repetitive workflows and increase your employees’ impact.

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Extend your reach.

Integrate and analyze all of your data, at any scale and in any form, to create accurate and actionable insights for data-driven decision making.

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Benefit from shared value.

Benchmark your data against other players in the industry with Airbus’s maintenance data. You control your data, and our best-in-class security measures guarantee full confidentiality while sharing on the Skywise platform.

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Join the digital aviation revolution.

Skywise airlines are at the vanguard of the aviation industry’s digital transformation, growing their businesses while collectively shaping the industry’s future. 

Skywise Core Elements

Connect and analyze your data on demand with a suite of tools and applications purpose-built to solve aviation’s toughest problems.

Skywise Core Features

Data Foundation


Link internal and external data, enhance its quality, prepare it for analysis, and build a simple, powerful data model that reflects how your organization views the world.

Once your data is organized in a unified data model and validated for accuracy and completeness, it is ready to drive decision making. Whether you are a data scientist or a non-technical expert, Skywise allows you to explore, ask questions, test hypotheses, and make decisions with data.

Drill down to interrogate datasets, examine correlations in high-volume data, and visualize your findings. Skywise always maintains copies of original datasets and tracks all transformations, so your organization can understand how knowledge evolves over time. Every user action feeds back into the data foundation to increase knowledge for your whole organization.

Products Skywise Core Features

Analytical Suite


See the big picture: work with all of your company’s data in one, easy-to-use system.


Discover Quiver Time Series


See time series data.

Investigate sensor data over time, and create custom alerts to stay informed.

Analyze data without coding.
Query, filter, and perform automated reporting on a massive scale, regardless of your technical expertise.

Query powerfully. 
Search all of your company’s data at a granular level.


Free your teams up to work on more nuanced problems. Once you build a report, it will update automatically as the underlying data changes. No need to duplicate work.


Discover Contour


Data Quality Improvement

Diagnose, monitor, and continuously improve your data quality with a variety of tools.

Dashboarding & Visualization

Create effective and easily-customizable dashboards.

Dynamic and Automated Reporting

Easily add charts and other analyses to your reports.


Skywise users collaborate across teams in real time without losing work.


Discover Object Explorer


Secure Collaboration

Set granular security controls for individuals and groups that propagate across the system.

Intelligent  Spreadsheets

Create living datasets ready for analysis, and feed those findings back into your data ecosystem for compounding value.

Robust Versioning
Understand how an insight came to be with lineage and versioning of both data and code.

Skywise Workflows

Get started quickly.

Harness the power of ready-made workflows co-created with airlines.


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Optimize aircraft performance through data analytics.

● Zero Fuel Weight
● AOG Management
● Delay investigations: Turnaround Time

Improve fleet operational reliability.

● Engineering & Reliability Alerting
● Reliability and Turnaround Time Analysis
● Cabin Defect Management

Support flight safety.

● Flight Monitoring and Investigation

The Skywise Core Offer

For Airlines

With insight into your operations, Airbus can improve aircraft design and better support your reliability. This is why we are making a significant investment in sharing Skywise Core capabilities with you at no cost.

By contributing your anonymized data to Skywise, you gain access to the best-in-class data analytics platform, empowering you to decrease operational costs, increase aircraft reliability, and support safety.

Discover the Skywise Offer

Success Stories

Ignacio Pardo Holtheuer, Manager, Digital Transformation Team, LATAM
LATAM: 10% reduction in delays

"The main value that we have seen with Skywise is in automating and standardizing how we calculate our KPIs, and getting a single source of truth through the platform. We’re seeing value in the preventive app that we have developed with Skywise, with 10% improvement in the delays that we used to handle. 90% of the use cases that we have are solved by basic users. With Skywise, it’s very easy to get connected to different data sources and to our different data platforms, and it’s very flexible".

Ignacio Pardo Holtheuer, Manager, Digital Transformation Team, LATAM

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Travis Yost, Director, MX Ops Planning & Analytics, Allegiant Air, speaking on stage during the Skywise EMEA Summit in Dubai in March 2019.
Allegiant Air: one fewer AOG per day

"Skywise has been very accurate in terms of alerting strategies for Allegiant Air, consequently helping us reduce delays, cancellations and AOG scenarios. We believe that the Skywise platform has the capabilities to envelop everything that an operator needs in order to be successful. We are saving no less than one aircraft out of service per day, largely based on predictive alerting, but also in relation to expediency and heightened accuracy during the troubleshooting process in reactive AOG scenarios".

Travis Yost, Director, MX Ops Planning & Analytics 

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AirAsia: Reduced fuel penalties

AirAsia leveraged Skywise to create dynamic CG targets that consider all fuel-impacting parameters (QAR, Airfase, load parameters and flight path data), leading to reduced fuel penalties and significant financial savings.

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