Take your industrial and product performance to the next level.

Powered by Palantir Technologies, the leader in data integration software, Skywise Core is the preeminent enterprise data platform for the aviation industry.
The power and scope of data integration is extending into the supply chain. Get on board, collaborate with Airbus, and experience unprecedented productivity.
Use Skywise Core as a single access point to share the data that matters: perform powerful analytics with user-friendly applications, and make more informed decisions.

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Skywise Core Benefits

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Optimize your industrial performance.
  • Align supply and demand with Airbus by mutualizing production planning and creating flexible action plans.
  • Optimize production and inventory.
  • Prevent fire-fighting with data-driven risk management.
  • Reduce late and non-quality deliveries.
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Improve your products and keep your customers happy.
  • Benefit from faster and more focused in-service issue resolution.
  • Gain a wider view on your products’ in-service performance.
  • Leverage data-driven insights to design more impactful products.

Skywise Core Features


Improve in-service equipment performance and reliability. Speed up root cause analysis through data-driven cooperation with Airbus.


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Root Cause Analysis

  • Analyze aircraft flight data related to your own equipment or system to understand System Failure mode.
  • Understand failure conditions to reproduce them on test benches.
  • Perform informed functional equipment and failure-mode analysis.

Performance and Reliability Analysis

  • Perform trend monitoring to prevent future issues.
  • Measure the impact of modifications on your fleet.
  • Access performance data to improve your products.

Streamline your production based on demand. Work hand-in-hand with Airbus to reduce production disruptions and the time needed to fix them.


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Root Cause Analysis of Equipment Removals

  • Get removal context and launch investigations based on integrated removal data.
  • Perform root cause analysis by correlating relevant data, such as ATP reports, test conditions, and operating conditions during production flights.
  • Prioritize your shop activities and develop a feedback loop on root cause analysis findings to inform future analyses.

Delivery Planning

  • Avoid late deliveries thanks to coordinated production and delivery planning.
  • Focus on at-risk deliveries and get alerts to optimize your production.
  • Agree on mitigation actions and follow up.

Component Swapping 

  • Facilitate decision-making when a component-to-aircraft assignment must change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Minimize consequential impact and identify the simplest swap possible.
  • Perform quick and easy configuration verification between the components and the reference design.

Success Stories

Liebherr: Insights on in-service behavior

“By bringing together a wide range of data and conducting holistic analyses, we obtain a much deeper and better understanding of the in-service behavior of on-board systems and components that Liebherr develops, manufactures, certifies and services.”

Nicolas Bonleux, Managing Director and Chief Sales Officer 

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Speed-up Root Cause Analysis of In-Service Issue

Speed-up Root Cause Analysis of In-Service Issue

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The Skywise Core Offer

For Suppliers

By signing onto Skywise Core, you gain access to data and the tools you need to create step changes in industrial processes and product performance.

Your access to the platform is subsidized by the mutual benefits achieved: reduction in quality deviation, in late deliveries, in AOGs, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to schedule a demo.

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