Reach autonomy with Skywise faster.

Newcomer or experienced user on Skywise, you can take advantage of the resources set by the Skywise Academy to support your Skywise journey and get upskilled on Foundry tools.

"Learning by doing" is always our driver to design and deliver best-class learning solutions! We also believe that getting new skills and knowledge on Skywise must be easy and flexible : that's why we are working to digitalise our learning solutions for the future. Do not hesitate to read our tutorials, practice with step-by-step guided exercises, watch our videos, and attend regularly the webinars in addition to registering to our classrooms! Enjoy your learning journey on Skywise!"


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Skywise Academy Benefits

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Rapidly gain complete fluency with Skywise tools.

Delve deep into the features of each tool with Skywise experts to gain complete knowledge and learn Skywise-specific reporting and analysis.

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Turn your teams into digital pioneers.

Be at the forefront of digital transformation! Create value through purposeful human exchange and work as one internal community with common goals.

Skywise Academy Features

Academy Self Learning And Classrooms

Skywise Classrooms

Being a beginner or an already experienced user of Skywise, Skywise Academy proposes a full path of business-oriented classrooms. Each level training is a combination of tools/concepts presentation, quizzes and hands-on activities. Below some examples of hands-on activities performed by trainees during the session:

Academy Learning Catalog Path

Skywise Academy rolls-out its 2021 Virtual Classrooms Calendar!

You asked for it? We did it! Whether you are beginning with Skywise or want to reach next levels with your Skywise ambition, you will find in our 2021 Training Calendar a training session that matches your needs and availability! 

The Skywise Academy 2021 Training Calendar displays more than 30 sessions all along the year covering the full learning path from Foundational level up to the two Advanced levels (Advanced Data Analyst and Advanced Developer).

Upskill now and contact your Services Sales Representative or Skywise Core Representative for more details!

If you want to discover more about the Skywise Academy learning ecosystem and how it helps users making the most out of the Skywise platform, please check the Skywise Academy Home Page.

Academy Virtual Classrooms Calendar

Skywise Foundational

Begin the exploration

| Objective

Learn how to explore data and make simple data analysis.

| Profile

User using Skywise to answer business issues or newcomer on Skywise.

| Prerequisites

No prerequisites except mastering key concepts of Excel (fusion module).


| Examples of Hands-on:
  • Technical delays analysis
  • Logbook defects analysis
  • Exploration of defects linked to a specific aircraft or ATA
  • Analysis of engine related part removals linked to a specific aircraft over a period of time
Academy Training

Skywise Advanced Data Analyst

Discover new tools


| Objective

Master main data analysis tools.

| Profile

User who need to perform cross analysis on the platform and highlights their findings.

| Prerequisites

  • Ontology: Notions of relational databases – Data modeling
  • Data Security: Notions of relational databases
  • Contour: Basic knowledge of Contour (Foundational level), notions of SQL (SELECT, WHERE, JOIN, WINDOW FUNCTIONS)
  • Quiver: Notions of sensor data would be appreciated (QAR, DAR...)
  • Code Authoring: Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Monocle: Basic knowledge of Monocle (Foundational level)
  • Fusion (Optional): Basic knowledge of Fusion (Foundational level), proficiency in Excel (including Macros). Notions of SQL (macros)


| Examples of Hands-on:
  • Fuel consumption analysis
  • AOGs analysis
  • Engine's health monitoring using QAR data
  • Root causes analysis of delays: focus on departure and arrivals airports
  • Creation of a Slate application to display delays ranges per airport
Analyst Training

Skywise Advanced Developer

Discover new skills

| Objective

Handle data pipeline and build applications.

| Profile

User who is developing applications within Skywise Core and is coding to transform data.

| Prerequisites

Code Authoring: Knowledge of Pyspark, and notions of Spark SQL under Python.

Notions of JavaScript and SQL.


| Examples of Hands-on:
  • How can we analyze the number of bird strike events over flight route, season of time and aircraft engine type?
  • Work with branching, refactor code and create unit test in Code Authoring
  • How to create a maintenance dashboard from scratch: Foundry Postgate and Phonograph
  • Calculate and visualize the average flight delay time per dayapplication to display delays ranges per airport
Developer Training

Skywise Expert

Master your skills

| Objective

Get best practices on components which have an impact on the performance and stability.

| Profile

Technical leader who is already familiar with Skywise Core (minimum 6 months of experience as tech leader/architect of a project based on Skywise Core platform).

| Prerequisites


  • Big data Technology Platform Fundamentals training or equivalent experience.
  • Skywise Academy Advanced Data Analyst or Advanced Developer certification.


  • Working knowledge of core Skywise Core components.
  • Familiarity with Spark, SQL & Database design.


| Examples of Hands-on:
  • Design an architecture using Skywise Core elements to build requested data pipelines and workflows
  • Optimization and/or correction of 12 proposed Pyspark pipelines
  • Optimization of a proposed Slate dashboard using different best practices
  • Repository Management & Unit Testing
Expert Training

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