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Off-the-shelf apps that include Airbus’ unique expertise as an aircraft manufacturer

Skywise Digital Services leverages Airbus's expertise to address common pain points across airlines and support their operations. Our App's are co-designed with airline members of the Skywise community.
As a part of its value streams, Fleet Performance is about breaking the limits between Health Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, and Reliability Analysis with a single objective: getting the best fleet strategy for dispatch and maintenance.
Correct decisions need full visibility: assessing the impact of each action and building knowledge is key to adapting future strategies. Predictive Maintenance is about anticipating; Health Monitoring supports immediate actions, and Reliability analysis provides fine metrics and clarity, fueling the virtuous circle of Fleet Performance.

Skywise  Digital Services Illustration

Skywise Digital Solutions Benefits

Skywise Digital Services Airlines Dashboard (1)
Get a shared view and identify potential issues
  • Monitor aircraft in-service events management
  • Increase maintenance performance
  • Optimize scheduled maintenance
  • Enhance operational reliability
  • Track component performance
  • Identify recurring issues
Skywise Digital Services Airlines Gear
Set up successful maintenance and dispatch strategies
  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Implement actions
  • Launch investigations
  • Identify solutions
Skywise Digital Services Airlines Magnifying Glass
Assess the impact of each strategy
  • Maximize aircraft availability
  • Reduce operational interruptions
  • Reduce costs

Skywise Digital Solutions Features

Skywise Predictive Maintenance

Skywise Predictive Maintenance is a unique combination of aircraft connectivity and Airbus's engineering expertise allowing you to significantly reduce operational interruptions and costs. It enables improved insight into a massive volume of aircraft data for root-cause analysis.
Skywise Predictive Maintenance combines the new generation of aircraft connectivity together with Skywise to enable timely and informed maintenance decision making.

Skywise Predictive Maintenance
Skywise Reliability

Skywise Reliability gives you all the dashboards you need to deeply analyze your fleet’s reliability.
Identify and measure fleet issues, measure fleet performance, and benchmark your fleet against the worldwide Airbus fleet--quickly and painlessly. 

Skywise Reliability
Skywise Health Monitoring

Improve your fleet’s availability by managing an aircraft’s events and troubleshooting in real time. Prioritize and track your dispatch reliability. 


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Skywise Health Monitoring

Success Stories

Johan Lundgren, CEO, easyJet

“Our investment in the Skywise platform can really make a tangible difference for thousands of passengers by harnessing the power of big data to reduce delays. It will transform the way that we maintain and operate our aircraft with the long term aim of eliminating delays due to technical faults.”

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