We believe in opening the Skywise platform to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge developers with aerospace data will create even greater value. 

With our Skywise Certified Partners, we provide collaborative power that unleashes potential and increases utility of data to create impactful, high quality solutions with a shorter time to market. The program is dedicated to everyone in the aerospace ecosystem who wants to make the best possible use of data.

Skywise Partners


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We give cutting-edge developers and integrators access to extensive digital aviation data. This is the basis for improving the creation of value adding solutions and  optimization of airlines’ operational performance. Growing business by turning data into value.

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We safeguard proper handling of data, ensuring the quality and reliability of partner solutions. Skywise follows reasoned criteria in the selection of new partners, providing training sessions and continuous information management support. Growing business with credible and capable partners.

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We provide an ever-evolving ecosystem. It enables partners and airlines to jointly discover new ways of data usage and implement innovative solutions faster. Growing business by leading digital transformation.

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We enable more valuable players of the aerospace industry to enter the Skywise ecosystem easily and seamlessly. It opens the platform for expertise exchange, collaborative workflows and built-in solutions. Growing business by opening new opportunities.

Airlines making the best possible use of data with Skywise Certified Partners

Guaranteed High Quality


Guaranteed high quality.

Skywise best practices for architecture and software development. Skywise Certified Partners benefit from dedicated training and certification so that they can develop more robust, richer applications within Skywise on behalf of airlines.

Highly Secured Architecture


Highly secured architecture.

Airline data usage by Certified Users governed by Skywise GTUs.

Shorter Time
Shorter time to develop, integrate and operate.

Thanks to privileged access to the Skywise software development kit (SDK/API) and toolset.

Lower Risk
Lower risk.

Using controlled accounts and data access granted by Airline.

Use Cases

Cutting Tool Optimization Process & Lead Time Reduction.

Accenture’s objective was to reduce lead time of a key component of aircrafts and identifying non-productive unnoticed waiting times in the production process. improve visibility on storage and Kanban-sidelines. Reduce the stock of parts to avoid related risks leading to overall costs reduction.

Different techniques were applied to identify additional time saving opportunities: minimize bottlenecks for optimum lead time and identify and reduce deviations to reach optimum production time. The project was E2E developed in Skywise Platform.

This implementation helped the client to decrease cutting tool production time, thus production line cost was also reduced. It also lead to an industrialization to other product lines.

Skywise Partners Programme | Accenture

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Skywise Certified Partners


Skywise Certified Partners

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