Airbus is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across the globe and is assessing the situation, the impact on employees, customers, suppliers and the business. The health and safety of Airbus employees is paramount.

Airbus is following WHO and local health authority guidance. In addition Airbus has updated its workplace safety and travel recommendations to employees, customers and to visitors, according to the latest developments.

Health and Safety

Skywise can help

The effects of the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) have led to travel disruptions and restrictions across the world, leading to the grounding of aircraft and cancelling flights for many airlines. Our teams are working closely with our Skywise customers to see how they can use Skywise to respond to the operational impacts of COVID-19.

Help from Skywise

Free Access to Skywise Academy Premium E-Learning Offering

Given the unprecedented situation we’re all facing as a result of Covid-19, we’re providing free access to Skywise premium e-learning offering to further empower Skywise users to continuously upskill themselves during this difficult time. Skywise users will have access to some of our introductory training modules in their Skywise account, free until April 30th. 

The Skywise Academy e-Learning capability is integrated into the Skywise platform to provide guided tutorials that allow any user to quickly upskill themselves on using new tools and efficiently using the platform.

Skywise e-learning

Skywise COVID-19 Parking Management

As a consequence of the Covid‐19 pandemic, airlines were forced to ground large parts of their fleets, a situation which is complex to track down: it is difficult to precisely know which aircraft are stored in which location, and which maintenance tasks need to be carried out to uphold airworthiness.


Parking Management

Airlines can now use the geospatial Skywise-based app “Parking Management” to tag their grounded aircraft in Skywise, and virtually park them into airports/stations (hangar, gate, taxiway, etc.). They can quickly pull contextual data such as the aircraft’s age, latest and next checks, last major assembly overhaul, and more. The newly designed Skywise app allows operators to efficiently decide where to store each individual aircraft, and in which order.


Skywise COVID-19 Return To Service App

The Skywise Return to Service application allows airlines to evaluate different utilisation scenarios and find the lowest cost combination of aircraft to return to service. It includes:

  • Dynamic forecasting
  • Cost inputs
  • Airline and aircraft specific maintenance and utilisation inputs
  • Adjustment of specific tasks in case of maintenance deferrals


The application is built to account for variability in factors like aircraft age, outstanding maintenance and OEM task deferrals when calculating the overall cost of the operation.


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