Who We Are, What We Do

We are Skywise, the leading open data platform for the aviation industry. 

Created by Airbus and powered by Palantir Technologies, we provide a combination of unrivaled OEM expertise and the most advanced data integration technology to meet the industry's most pressing challenges.

Shareable, open and transparent data

In aviation, data used to be locked in silos for maintenance, flight management, aircraft monitoring and safety, and other critical workflows. Skywise integrates disparate data sources, enabling data to become shareable, open and transparent through the following:  

·       Data gathering: Extracting more data from on-board systems, as well as handling and storing terabytes of data.

·       Information comparison: Gathering, sorting and comparing massive amounts of data from different sources.

·       Data analysis: Identifying patterns within data to help find root causes, and the most efficient and least costly solutions.

·       Data simplification: Translating this information into human language using dynamic, tailored dashboards and apps to facilitate quick decision-making.

Skywise will enable us to reach new insights into the operation of our aircraft, optimise our decision-making in maintenance, engineering and flight operations, and reduce our costs.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia

Visit the Skywise Website

Visit the Skywise Website

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