What is Skywise Store?

Skywise Store is a marketplace based on data available on Skywise Ontology. This is a platform to host applications and make its content accessible to the whole Skywise Community. It allows an airline to get more value by further taking advantage of their own data. 

There are six available apps and more to come in the coming months!


Skywise Store 2021 video

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Skywise Apps

Skywise Apps are ready-to-use applications based on Skywise ontology or using Skywise APIs, making them quick and easy to deploy. They are addressing one particular pain point or business need for the customer.

Apps on Skywise Store

Skywise Premium Services Features

Skywise Solutions are covering a wide scope than Skywise Apps. They are end-to-end solutions and may require specific deployment or customisation to make the most of them. Skywise Services are dedicated services provided to the customer such as the integration of external datasets into Skywise platform or learning resources for Skywise users.

Skywise Store Services

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