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Success Stories

Success Stories

Skywise enables major stakeholders in the aviation industry to prevent maintenance issues, achieve better fuel efficiency, and optimize their team's time. Find out how.

Customers say it best

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Etihad Success Story      
Cebu Pacific Success Story      
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easyJet: Reducing disruption and making aircraft more reliable

"The journey to Skywise started with leadership, imagination and vision. The Skywise work that we’ve done with predictive maintenance is a very visible and tangible sign to the rest of the business that we’re using data to reduce disruption and to make our aircraft more reliable. 
As we expand our capabilities around data, we know that we’re going to use the data in Skywise more and more to help improve our business". 

Gary Smith, Director of Operations Transformation, easyJet 

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LATAM: 10% reduction in delays

"The main value that we have seen is Skywise is in automating and standardizing how we calculate our KPIs, and getting a single source of truth through the platform. We’re seeing value in the preventive app that we have developed with Skywise, with 10% improvement in the delays that we used to handle.
90% of the use cases that we have are solved by basic users. With Skywise, it’s very easy to get connected to different data sources and to our different data platforms, and it’s very flexible".

Ignacio Pardo Holtheuer, Manager, Digital Transformation Team, LATAM

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Allegiant Air: One fewer AOG per day

"Skywise has been very accurate in terms of alerting strategies for Allegiant Air, consequently helping us reduce delays, cancellations and AOG scenarios.  We believe that Skywise has the capabilities to envelop everything that an operator needs in order to be successful. We are saving no less than one aircraft out of service per day, largely based on predictive alerting, but also in relation to expediency and heightened accuracy during the troubleshooting process in reactive AOG scenarios".

Travis Yost, Director, MX Ops Planning & Analytics 

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Etihad: Getting new levels of insight to take technical decisions for operations

"Skywise has helped us to transform data into useful information and knowledge that finally helps making decisions in the technical operation software of our fleet. Skywise is an OEM-provided solution that integrates well with other data sources and for an operator, it’s fairly easy to adapt and very powerful in its use.

Since introducing Skywise, we’ve seen that we're able to process large amounts of data very efficiently and get new levels of insight to take technical decisions for our operations".

Olaf Ploog, Head of Fleet Management, Etihad

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Cebu Pacific: Better insights for higher productivity

“The main improvement we’ve seen since we’ve started using Skywise is the change and culture of how we work.  From paper and Excel files, now our engineers use Skywise to get better insight on maintenance and operations, which means we get higher productivity.  All of our tools are connected to Skywise, which brings us common insight and research, getting all the information from the different parts of our operations”.

Francesc Torres, Director Operations Support, Cebu Pacific

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Liebherr: Insights on in-service behavior

“By bringing together a wide range of data and conducting holistic analyses, we obtain a much deeper and better understanding of the in-service behavior of on-board systems and components that Liebherr develops, manufactures, certifies and services.”

Nicolas Bonleux, Managing Director and Chief Sales Officer 

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Low-cost carrier: 50% drop in maintenance- related delays

One airline of the 70+ using the Core version of Skywise reported a 50% drop in maintenance-related delays.

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Flagship regional carrier: $3 million per year

One flagship regional carrier estimates $3 million per year in savings by using Skywise to tackle chronic cabin defects.

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Flagship regional carrier: $4-7 million per year

Based on unclaimed in-warranty removals discovered using Skywise, one flagship regional carrier estimated they had been under-claiming on warranties by $4-7 million per year.

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Flagship regional carrier: -5% AOGs

A 300-aircraft fleet regional carrier calculates 36 fewer AOGs annually (a 5% reduction) as a result of preventive maintenance alerts created and actioned in Skywise.

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Fuel Costs

AirAsia: Reduced fuel penalties

AirAsia leveraged Skywise to create dynamic CG targets that consider all fuel-impacting parameters (QAR, Airfase, load parameters and flight path data), leading to reduced fuel penalties and significant financial savings.

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US flagship carrier: -$13M per year in fuel costs

A US flagship carrier is tracking to save US$13M per year in fuel costs after integrating load sheets, dispatch data, sensor data, flight operations data, and aircraft technical data.

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Skywise airline customer: 40+ safety events

Skywise enabled the group safety team, responsible for flight safety oversight across seven distinct AOCs, to enforce safety policies, including uncovering 40 safety events which required additional findings to be reported from flight crews.

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Cebu Pacific: Better insights for higher productivity

“From paper and Excel files, now our engineers use Skywise to get better insight on maintenance and operations, which means we get higher productivity.  Skywise is one of the core parts of our digital transformation" .

Francesc Torres, Director Operations Support, Cebu Pacific

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Low-cost carrier: From 3 weeks to 1 day reporting time

One low-cost carrier with about 200 aircraft automated reliability reporting and has reduced time spent on monthly reporting from approximately three weeks by a team of eight people, to less than one day by one person at the airline.

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